Betting on motorsport

Betting on motorsport

There are a few sports that are as interesting to watch as motorsport race and even more when you got some money riding on the outcome. Betting on motorsport has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years with events such as NASCAR, Formula one racing, hovercraft racing, kart racing, Sprint Cup Championship, air racing and WRC being the most popular.

Today, there are a number of betting options on different motorsport events. And you can place the bets using your tablet, computer or even your mobile phone which makes betting on motorsport easier than ever.

Basic Types of betting on motorsport

All types of motorsport events have more or less the same basic rules. You have to place your bet on the team or driver you think will win the race or championship and if your prediction turn out to be correct, you earn an amount that is equivalent to the rate set by the bookmaker or even more than that or an amount equivalent to the bet amount.

To make your predictions, go through the records of the team or driver in order or analyze the test races, lap times and sector time of every racer.

The following are the common types of betting on motorsport

Outright bet

This is the most common of all motorsport bets. It involves betting on a driver that you will win the entire tournament.

Head to head bet

This bet has high winning odds. It involves two drivers and you have to predict the winner among them.

Handicap bet

Handicap bet is almost similar to the outright bet the only different being that the underdog side has an extra one point.

Even or odd bet

Here, you place your bet on whether the total score of winning driver will be even or odd.

Top 3 bet

This is quite an understandable bet where you bet on the drivers that you think will make it to top 3.

Fastest lap bet

Here, you place your bet on the driver you think win make the fastest lap.

Strategy or tips for betting on motorsport

More often than not, steep favorites lose the top positions and an underdog wins the top position. Therefore, when betting on motorsport, avoid placing bets on the favorites and when betting on events with multiple racers, go for head to head for the top positions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the outcome depends on the vehicle being used. Regardless of how good a driver is, they need a good machines in order to win. Consider the mechanical specifications, manufactures as well as previous performances of the vehicle a certain driver is using before placing your bet.

However, it is still important to consider the driver as they also have an impact on the outcome. The tracks also makes a significance difference as some drivers prefer certain types and have a better record with others.

Finally shop for better odds before signing up with any bookmaker. A reputable bookmaker should offer a wealth of information on race history and great returns.

After considering all the above points, you will most certainly be ready to place your bet on motorsport and then wait to win big prizes.